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Plan events with real-time shared availability

Connect to your contacts calendars and then create an event based upon their availability.  Communication agnostic event planning.
Designed to demonstrate our integration with Whatsapp
Integrates with MS Calendar

Integrates and works perfectly with


Google Calendar

Integrates with Google Calendar and Shared Google Calendars to view, create and update events


Apple Calendar

Integrates with Apple devices and iOS calendar systems on your Apple iPad or iPhone or iMac


Outlook Calendar

Integrates with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Teams and Outlook Calendar Systems


Your Personal Wall or Farside Calendar

If you don’t use a digital calendar at all, we still get you invited and able to manage your RSVP with ease! 

Our Core Features


Calendar Integrations

Invite your friends to a new group and have them share their calendars to get their real time availability


Communication Agnostic

Availabled works with people who are off the grid too. We’ll facilitate an individual text or email to keep those people in know


Hang out Centrally

If your contacts have added their locations, Availabled can work out a central place between you to catch up


Find new places to meet

Availabled also empowers you and your friends to find new places to catch up using our in-built local business engine


Works with your Calendar

Availabled works directly with your main calendar and keeps it syncronised with new events. No need to keep multiple timelines


Free for all your friends

Only a group creator needs to pay the subscription fee to use the application. Everyone else gets premium access for free!


“Before Availabled I was struggling to get our Netball team together for Training. Now with the app I can see the best time for everyone and get it sorted in minutes!”


Legendary Netball Organiser

How It Works

Invite your contacts into a group

Even if they don’t have the app – your contacts will still get a message or email letting them know they’ve been invited. It’s up to you to get them to download Availabled and integrate their calendar though.

Create a new event based upon their Availability

When you create a new event – Availabled will seamlessly connect to your groups integrated calendars and provide a detailed breakdown of the best day to host your event. 

Send out the event invitations

Anyone who has Availabled will get a notification about the event instantly . Availabled caters for those who are not using the system with prefabricated texts and emails for those outside of the Availabled world. 

Register your business on the Availabled Platform

If you’re a local business and would love to share information about your operations – sign up to our business portal! 

If you’re the first to advertise in your local area, your advertisement placement will be free each month until your local area becomes popular for other businesses. From them on, we algorithmically calculate pricing based upon demand. There’s no tricks though, if you’re in a remote area and have something great and unique to offer it will always be free! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope – Availabled only requires busy/not busy access to your calendar information. We need write access so that we can put events that have been created in there – but we never require nor need to know what you’re doing. Just that you can’t do anything while you’re doing it!

Yes – if you just put in the virtual room details into the event details – your friends will easily be able to attend your virtual event with all the Availabled benefits!

With Availabled, obviously your privacy means everything. That’s why you can decline or leave any group that you don’t want to participate with.

Availbled in its current state is designed for you to invite friends and contacts you know to events. However meetup functionality is schedualed to be released in Q3 2021

Not as of yet – Currently the best way to do that is to just book out that time in your calendar.

This feature will be available though end of Q2 2021

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